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Where creativity and generosity meet under one roof for one night to share resources, build community, and enjoy a live show plus vendors.


Our mission is simple. To leverage the elements of Hip Hop culture to create community impact. To us, this means taking care of one another through acts of generosity. This collective effort helps us encourage young folk to continue being creative and physically active.

Hip Hop Gives brings people together to amplify the power of giving back to community. After the benefit concert, the items donated are distributed to groups, schools, nonprofits that work with youth using arts education and active living programs.

Hip Hop Gives is an annual benefit show. Your donations of Arts supplies or sports equipment gets you in to the experience.

Core Values

The work, on and off stage, that goes into the production of the benefit show is drive by guiding principles. These set of values acts as our north star as we engage with event goers, partners, sponsors and performing Artist.

Lessons from the old School

The Soul of Hip Hop Give

Hip Hop Gives started out of the necessity to building community. We center the role of the Artist as a facilitator of inspiration, the instigator of solutions to our daily social dilemmas, the masters of self expression inviting others to harness their voice and unleash their creativity.

We learned these lessons from the old school generation. From the O.G. pioneers, the black and brown youth from the public housing projects of New York who sough out a safe space in the midst of abject poverty to create and innovate.

In the bleak corner that they were relegated to, the O.G.pioneers created a world where they pointed the mist of aerosols paint onto the social decay that caged them in to add vibrant colors. A world where the limitation of movement with the body was constantly pushed beyond comprehension, a world where poets use words like stallions to ride a rhythm bear back, while they syncopated over a boom bap instrumental, a beat of carefully orchestrated sonic layers arranged by the keepers of sounds–the demigods of soundboards.

While harnessing their gifts, those pioneers showed us that we are not only a tribe with similar interests but rather we are generous, innovative problem solvers ready to step in to help each through selfless acts of giving. So we started a benefit show.
We would not be able to accomplish half of what we do without your ongoing support and unwavering contributions.

Jump in the mix

To pull off this labor of love, it requires all hands on deck. Below are some ways that you can get involved.

Microphone Check

The heart beat of Hip Hop Gives

The benefit show takes place the 3rd Saturday of November. Our goal annually has been to


Our Partners

Below is a snapshot of the world class event production partners and media partners we've had the privilege to work with.

Media Partners