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Amidst life struggle, It became abundantly apparent that the only way out of this time of challenge was to go through it. To meet life head on, embrace the moment as it presented itself. That meant they’d have to step up and step out side of themselves to server our community, something their mentors taught them. And through this self maintenance approach, this became the calling that they eagerly take up. And since then they haven’t looked back (except to write this passage).


When they made the decision to start Hip Hop Gives, they thought seven years of service would help them get a better sense of what the evolution of their contribution could be. Through strategic collaborations, the first few years they have been listening to the needs of our community and are working toward meeting those needs through the collective effort that Hip Hop Gives has generated over the years. What they’ve learned from listening to our community is that there are basic human needs that we need addressing as a society as a whole. They’ve heard youth expressed feeling marginalized within their own community because they don’t have the public spaces to be creative, a place to practice the urban and fine arts or public space where they can feel and be safe while engaging in physically active.


Hip Hop Gives, is now on its fourth year. And during their planning meetings identifies nonprofit organizations—that engage with youth in the Arts or physical activities—to be the beneficiaries of the the resources amassed during the benefit concert.


Year after year they are profoundly grateful and utterly moved by the outpour of support that Hip Hop Gives receives. And naturally they are encouraged to grow the impact that the benefit concert has on the lives of youth and the community that surrounds them. As with many great things, it’s never done ALONE. Since the beginning they’ve never done it alone. You are invited to get involved, volunteer, donate, sponsor, share the flyer!


“Your choice to help make a direct impact in the lives of youth comes at a critical moment in a human being’s development when it is pivotal to instill hope and cultivate creativity and physical activity as problem solving tools. This is why its necessary to have a village raise a child.”


– Inner City Dwellers & Friends


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